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Can Lithium-Ion Batteries Really Last 8 Years?

Q: Is it really true that your lithium batteries can last 8 years?

A: Of course, our lithium batteries have undergone strict charge-discharge testing cycles over 6000 times, which means it can potentially last over 10 years if charged once a day.

Q: Then why did the lithium battery I bought from XX brand last only a year before the battery life got worse? Aren't you exaggerating by saying it can last 8 years?

A: We completely understand your concern. There are some low quality or counterfeit battery products in the market that do not meet the performance and lifespan standards as promised. However, Sycain products undergo strict quality testing, and we have many loyal customers who have given our products and service very high praise.

Q: I understand, but I still feel 8 years lifespan claim is a bit exaggerated. How can I trust your products can achieve this standard?

A: We guarantee 5 years warranty, and if any issues occur within 3 years, we guarantee a free replacement to ensure you worry-free after-sales service.


The above dialogue is a customer from the United States inquiring about us through WhatsApp. After using a lithium battery, he had a very bad experience. He felt that the service life of lithium batteries is almost the same as lead-acid batteries. After one year of use, it cannot be fully charged and the battery life is severely reduced. What's worse, the battery warranty period has passed and he cannot contact after-sales service anymore. This deeply doubts him about lithium batteries. This makes me very angry. These manufacturers who sell inferior products damage the market environment and harm customers' trust, which is also a harm to companies that sell genuine batteries.


In fact, as long as you buy genuine products, the cycle life of lithium batteries is generally over 3000 times, and it is absolutely no problem to use it for more than 5 years. The cycle life of Sycain's lithium batteries can even reach 6000 times. If you use our lithium batteries, the service life can reach over 8 years.


Then why do some lithium batteries deteriorate severely after only one or two years of use, or even directly damaged? Most likely it is because inferior batteries were purchased.


The first possibility is that there are problems with the internal welding process of the battery. The welding of one or more battery cells inside loosens and falls off, which will lead to the battery cells not being able to charge and discharge normally.


The second possibility is that there is a pressure difference in the battery cells after use, leading to the battery BMS prematurely triggering the high voltage protection during charging or low voltage protection during discharging. At this time, it will lead to the situation of not being able to fully charge and discharge the battery, which usually occurs after some time of battery use. So how is the pressure difference caused? This depends on whether the cell selection and inspection of the manufacturer are strict. Some cells were originally inferior products but were sold as qualified, and quality issues will occur if quality control is not strict.


Therefore, it is not false propaganda that lithium batteries can be used for 8 years. For example, the normal service life of Sycain lithium batteries is 8 years, and we guarantee a 5-year warranty, so you don't need to worry about after-sales service. It is recommended that you must purchase lithium batteries produced by reputable manufacturers. They have guarantees in terms of selection, inspection, and after-sales service.


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