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  • How to Calculate How LongThe Lithium Battery Can Power anAppliance?Off-grid Energy Solution.

    How do you know how longthe battery can work on a floor scrubber? It's simple, a formula helps you understand.Battery Life=Battery Voltage × Battery Capacity

  • Lithium Batteries: Elevating Work Efficiency 12V/24V/48V LiFePo4 Batteries.

    How do you know how long the battery can When using traditional lead-acid batteries, you end up spending more time waiting for charging instead of cleaning. However, our lithium batteries cut the charging time in half, maximizing usage time and boosting work efficiency. 

  • Smart BMS: Your Battery's Best Friend|Top-notch BMS,Self-heating,24V 100Ah Smart LiFePO4 Battery.

    Running out of power halfway through work, receiving a high temperature alarm during charging, and continuous high-speed driving causing the battery to overheat? Don't worry, with smart BMS, these problems can all be avoided.

  • How to Choose A Lithium Battery Charger?12V to 48V Charging Voltages For Lift Trucks.

    Many folks don't know - 80% of lithium battery fires are caused by the charger. Lithium batteries themselves are generally safe when used properly. But charging them incorrectly can lead to disaster - boom! 

  • Unlock the Power of Lithium Batteries in Extreme Cold!Self-heating & In The Range of -4℉ -131℉.

    The usage temperature of lead-acid batteries is 68-77 ℉, while lithium batteries can operate in the range of -4 to131℉, making them more suitable for customers in extreme temperature areas. 

  • Lead-Acid to Lithium, What If the Sizes Don't Match? 24V 100Ah Smart LiFePO₄ Battery.

    The lithium-ion battery is slightly smaller in size but weighs only one-third of the lead-acid battery. You won't have to worry about battery compartment size because with the same capacity, lithium batteries are smaller, lighter, and have a longer lifespan. 

  • Money Saving Tips:Choose Lithium Batteries and Save 70% on Costs Within 5 Years! 24V 3500+ Deep Cycle.

    Once you have used a lithium battery, you never want to replace it with a lead-acid battery again.

  • Beware - The Lithium Batteries You're Using Could Be Defective!A Grade Cells& 3500+Deep Cycle.

    Did you know the lithium battery cells from factories are graded-A, B, and even C?What are grade-A cells? They represent the highest quality standard. Each A-grade cell has a unique QR code at birth recording its manufacturing data and performance specs.

  • How 304 Stainless Steel Protects and Powers Your Lithium Battery?24V100Ah,Waterproof IP67 Rating.

    Lithium battery housings have options - ABS, carbon steel, or stainless steel. Carbon steel is strong enough, so why choose pricier stainless? 

  • Who is Better?Lead-acid vs. Lithium-ion|See How Sycain 24V100Ah Lithium Batteries Perform.

    Sycain Lithium Batteries,Ultra Safety,Highly Efficient,Eco-Friendly